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novice to advanced Data Analysis

Data Analysis






Mr. Brunner's computer activity #1

stem leaf act

Data Analysis



Brief Bio

Data Analysis review


BBC math analyze data


(Probability and statistics refresher advanced**interactive**) from an engineering school.

a list of math topics that include pure mathematics and statistics.

Data analysis activities NCTM standards

Very interactive

Recommended for middle and high school students that are learning about data analysis. 


**Interactivate has lessons and discussion questions for each activity.


Some activities include make and analyze a (histogram, pie chart, bar graph, stem and leaf plotter, box and whisker plotters, along with some probability manipulatives.  This site is excellent for those that need materials to meet the NCTM standards

Interactivate data analysis site

Standard Deviation



Perform statistical data on your own raw data. Manipulatives to use on computer.  The three links go to the same place.

Percentage and Data Interpretation




Interactive Data Analysis Tutorials with a quiz. Basic data analysis on pie charts with percentages

Mathsnet data activity


Data analysis activity online interactive pie charts from raw data that you enter or existing data.

histograms scatter plots and  measures

Very Interactive

Data interpretation activities.  You select the data that you want to have displayed.  Olympics stock to sports stats.  With this data you can look at the data using a histogram, scatter plots or statistics. 

The data that you get to see and analyze are average, mean, standard deviation the minimum and maximum values

**This is an excellent site**

Mean, Median and Mode 

Calculator with a mini lesson

Interactive calculator that will find the mean median and mode of an entered data set.  A 20 number limit.


Interactive lesson

online lesson and quiz activity study book with average

Jim Reed's excellent site on Data Analysis for 9th grade                  great for interactive statistics and probability activities.




Brief Bio

Interactive probability


With the use of flash media you have to find the probability of events like tossing a coin, spinner, and picking out of a bag

1.  Probability permutation/combination 


Interactive activity in a mini lesson learn about permutation and combination and try it out on the interactive activities

2.  Probability


(SAT questions) interactive tutorial on factorial, dependent and independent permutation and combination with a quiz at the end

Sample Spaces and Events

Estimated Probability

Empirical Probability

Abstract Probability

Conditional Probability and Independence

Probability and Statistics (various lesson plans)

Probability Spreadsheets 


Excellent for independent lesson and practice activities.  Use as an introduction or review of your lesson

Worksheets on probability


From edhelper math site.  Lots of worksheets in most areas of mathematics from basic math to Algebra II + trigonometry

How many combinations


Enter your set of objects and this manipulative will give you a visual display of the different combinations




Brief Bio



Statistical distribution z, t, and chi2

Statistics part 1

Very interactive

From mathsnet 

This site is part of a great site from England.  The statistics material that you will see is from their required testing program.

 Most of statistics is reviewed in a visual format.  That has an interactive glossary of terms and manipulatives for practice

Statistics part 2

Statistics part 3

Statistics 8th grade standard

From Jim Reed

A Canadian site that has interactive manipulatives to review statistics.  For 8th and 9th grade


Statistics 9th grade standard

Statistics activities







*Statistics grapher*


Interactive calculators

Find the mean, median, and mode, of 1, 2 and 3 digit numbers. You find the correct answers and get immediate feedback.





you input the data and this calculator will define all of the general statistics. (will even do statistical regression)

Probability and Statistics Notes ++great++ 

Statistics notes in pdf format

Tom Penick - TEI Controls (notes on statistics)

Online Teacher & student book w/Quizzes

Interactive with PowerPoint, lessons, and activities

Triola's Elementary Statistics - AWL Publishing (great)

Electronic Statistic Textbook


 Everything you wanted to know about statistics

(WOW)  college and beyond

Statistics worksheet


Great pre-made worksheets



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